6 Clothing Items Every Short Lady should Own

6 Clothing Items Every Short Lady should Own

Calling all ladies under 5’4”: We know you’ve got this whole petite thing down to a science. You own more heels than flats, you’ve got a step stool in every room and you stand in the front of the group picture no matter what. But are you sure your closet is up to par? Here, six wardrobe staples that perfectly flatter shorter ladies—every time.

Platforms You can Actually Walk in

You don’t bat an eye at a five-inch stiletto (how else are you supposed to be eye level with literally every other person?), and you already know that an elevated sole takes the edge off your arch. Just be sure to invest in platforms that also have ankle straps, wider heels and soles with grip. All these features help make your footwear much more comfortable and far less stilt-like.

Wide-Leg Trousers that Elongate Your Legs

Speaking of adding some inches, why not try on a pair of palazzo pants with your platforms? Rocking a heel with a longer hemline automatically lengthens your legs and makes you appear taller. An added bonus: The wider leg provides contrast to your waist for a more slender (and super-photogenic) appearance.

Flared Jeans that Fit You Perfectly

Perfectly fitting denim is a godsend, which is why we recommend finding a reliable seamstress that can expertly hem a couple inches off your favourite flares. But most brands also carry shorter inseams for petite ladies. Just remember to try them on with your go-to booties or favourite sandals so you know they’ll definitely fit with the right footwear.

A Coat that’s not too Long (or Short)

The trouble with jackets for petites: They usually hit too close to the knee, making them absolutely impossible to wear with flats. (Or worse, they’re so cropped, they’ve time-traveled to 2004. Bleh.) You should aim for a hemline that hits right below your hips to keep everything proportional.

A V-Neck Blouse that’s Seasonless

An upside-down triangle works wonders for a smaller torso by bringing the focal point up to your collar area and away from your waistline. Shop for a lightweight fabric that’s versatile across different seasons and occasions in a colour or pattern you won’t get tired of too quickly. It’ll be your fallback for everything from girls’ night out to that important client meeting.

A Midi Dress that’s not a Maxi on You

To the envy of your tall friends, you can definitely pull off shorter dresses without feeling like you’ll expose your derriere at any moment. But did you know you can also rock something a bit longer, too? A midi dress that skims your calves feels more grown-up and on-trend this season than a slinky mini. Just be sure to steer clear of anything that hits too close to your ankle, which can look awkward and frumpy instead of light and flowy. This is the perfect job for your new best friend: your tailor.