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5 Tips for Brightening Your Home

The topic of brightening up your home can be very fun! It’s a chance to use your imagination, creativity and think outside the box. I don’t know about you, but I like living in a bright and friendly environment. With winters that seem to never fade, I am always trying to soak up as much natural light as I can. Gone are the days of dark and dreary rooms. Neutral tones, color and natural light is definitely the way to go as you brighten your home.

There are so many options when it comes to home design and decorating that it can be overwhelming. I’m going to narrow it down for you and provide some practical upgrade tips that will go a long way. Read on to see what five tips are sure to get you a brand new sunny look and feel in your home.

Fancy Up Your Floors

Old carpet from the dark ages got you down? Replace it, tear it out and pick carpet and rugs that make you feel cheerful and happy to be alive. If you like the carpet you currently have, but haven’t given it a good cleaning in a while, simply investing in a deep carpet clean will help brighten the room.

If you had to guess, which rooms do we spend most of our time in and often show off to our friends and family? You guessed it, the kitchen and the bathroom. Put in the time and effort to make these floors sparkle and send the message that you’re proud to have a happy and healthy home.

Light wood in the kitchen is coming back, so don’t be afraid to lighten up the hardwood you are contemplating installing. Even if you do go with dark hardwood, take care of it and make it shine! In addition new flooring, you can always brighten the kitchen and bathroom with furniture and accessories. Check out this article, 5 Kitchen Floor Trends You Must Know, if want to know what’s trending in kitchen floors right now.

Funky & Colorful Furniture

There are so many different ways to work with your furniture when it comes to colors, patterns and pieces. Don’t be afraid to add some color in your home, even if it’s just a splash here and there. Update your pillowsto something bold, paint your coffee table a fun color as a DIY project or add an accent sitting chair or two.

Want help picking pieces and adding some funk? Hire an interior designerto give you a hand. They are creative and will be able to offer up expert advice so your room doesn’t end up looking like a circus, but both tasteful and trendy.

Lighten Up The Darkness

Always wanted a skylight, but weren’t sure if it was worth the effort? Let me tell you, it is, especially if you’re one who appreciates the sunshine and starry sky. You also save energy by not having to turn on the lights all of the time. Click here to see how much it costs to install a skylight and get started today.

Add A Sunroom

When property owners think of home additions, oftentimes, they think of a sunroom. Homeowners can even take on this project without the help of a professional contractor. See our DIY Tips For How To Build A Sunroom.

There are many benefits of a home addition, like ROI, especially when you’re ready to sell. They cost less than full-scale room additions and they give you just as much square footage. Sunrooms also add natural sunlight to the surrounding rooms. There’s no doubt that the sunroom would get used morning, noon and night and would be well worth your investment.

Get Creative With Your Decor

A new coat of paint goes a long way. We tend to automatically think off-white is our best option because it goes with everything, but that’s the easy way out. Spend some time really thinking about what statement you wish to make with your paint and what other options besides white would brighten the room.

In addition to paint, spunky bedding can add glamour to an otherwise dull room. Bedding is a fun and budget-friendly way to brighten a room and add style. Think bold colors, like gold, or go for color combinations and unique bright patterns.

In addition to paint and bedding, wall art is a popular trend that can really help create a vibrant room. You can print and hang your own pictures as a canvas or stencil a design that is unique to you. Brighten up your rooms with any of the colorful animal, flower or nature canvas paintings that are out there. Additionally, you can choose glass wall decor, vintage wall maps or modern prints. The options are endless!

Any one of these tips listed above are sure to brighten up your space. Get creative, let your imagination run wild and have fun with it! There are options for all rooms and budgets. Bring life and brightness back into your home, and leave the darkness behind.

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